Monday, December 12, 2005

Hello, and Welcome!

Hello, and welcome to 10-4GB's latest venture!

It's not really anything new, of course - merely a reorganizing of current content, in order to create more specific pages and make it easier to find things. But it's the first step in 10-4GB's new layout, which should be complete by the end of this spring semester.

You see, I'm taking a class next semester called "Interactive Media." It's just the standard, basic media communications class teaching you the basics of internet page design and the like. Every college has one, most media majors take it as freshmen or sophomores. I brilliantly postponed it until the final semester of my college career, not the semester in which most college students are known to put forth their best efforts in pre-requisite courses. But it'll still be useful.

Therefore, I'm hoping to convince the professor to let me use the class to create a new "Ten-Four, Good Buddy" website. We'll see if he'll let it fly.

All of which is completely besides the point, which actually was to welcome you to the new addition. Please poke around and check out some of the things you might've missed before, now that they've finally been archived. All of the reviews have been updated in some way - footnotes added, new introductions, incorrect material corrected, and so on. Go on, take it for a spin.


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